AMDEA shares helpful Know Watt’s What Tools for the Trade

To help boost retailers’ advice to customers on energy saving, AMDEA is sharing assets from its highly successful Know Watt’s What campaign.

The private page ­– AMDEA’s Trade Tools – is available exclusively to the industry. It features a set of assets for use on retailer and e-tailer websites, in newsletters or on social media platforms. Each item highlights the snappy yet reliable hints and tips, developed by AMDEA’s expert panel, that can save homes up to £500 a year.

A video for training purposes and another for customers demonstrate how to choose and use the energy and water saving features built in to today’s tumble dryers, washing machines and dishwashers.

While catchy social media assets, that are ready to download, emphasise the potential of modern appliances to save money on energy bills simply by using them right. These range from microwaves, to ovens, heat pump dryers and coffee machines.

AMDEA’s lifetime savings calculator is designed to illustrate to customers the importance of buying as high on the rating scale as they can, and it’s also available on request as a widget that can be embedded in retailers’ websites.

Many materials are ready to view or download on the Trade Tools page and AMDEA is inviting channel partners to take a second look at Know Watt’s What for any further materials they might find useful.

As part of its Know Watt’s What campaign, AMDEA has been urging homes across the UK to press the eco button to help combat energy price rises.

The association’s expert advice is encouraging consumers to save money on utility bills by maximising the sustainable features in-built into appliances. Choosing the eco setting on a washing machine and dishwasher can save £90 a year. Using the eco-button is just one of the simple tips that could reduce bills by around 20 per cent when households will be paying electricity charges 80 per cent higher than a year ago (18.9p/kWh) at 34p/kWh.

Paul Hide, Chief Executive of AMDEA, also produced an informative video as one of the Sustainability Partners of the recent ERT Turning Point Conference and ERT Awards. The video was played during the event to an audience of nearly 200 people including independent retailers and key industry manufacturers.