ROIDMI launches new cordless vacuum with antiviral technology

Vacuum cleaner brand, ROIDMI, has launched a powerful flagship cordless vacuum cleaner with proven antiviral/antibacterial technology.

The RS60 builds on the multi-award-winning X20, retaining Scandinavian-inspired design and the clip-on water tank for simultaneous vacuuming and wet-wiping on hard floors, while adding more power, longer run times and six-layer micro-particle filtration to capture 99.9 per cent of pollen and dust particles.

Its colour OLED display shows functions such as power level, battery life, filter alerts and even calories burned while cleaning! These features are backed up with a high-power 12,0000rpm digital motor, automatic headlights on the main floorhead, smart features via a Bluetooth connected app, and the unique aesthetic with its 270-degrees handle that has already secured ROIDMI six International Design Awards.

The RS60 adds a patented ZiWei Novoron ION antibacterial sterilising system within the brush roller, dust separator and filter system to help eliminate bacteria and other biological pathogens on contact. ZiWei technology is a joint venture between ROIDMI Labs and two Japanese tech-giants, Toagosei and Toray, and is the result of three years of research and development.

The technology builds on the proven antimicrobial and antiviral properties of silver ion nanoparticles (NCBI white paper) that the trio of companies has developed into a long-lasting surface treatment for the vital air-contact points of the RS60 cleaner. The final stage filter is a Toray H11 filter cartridge, more commonly used in home air purifiers, extensively treated with the Novoron ION antibacterial technology. The result is exceptionally clean exhaust air that has passed through multiple stages of antimicrobial treatment and filtration to improve the quality of the air around the home.

Novaron Ion technology

For homes with hard floors, the RS60’s magnetic clip-on water tank and wet mopping attachment have been upgraded to improve capillary wetting action, and an Ionic antibacterial coating now reduces potential mould growth in the reservoir tank when stored.

Answering customer feedback from the X20, the new ROIDMI multi-surface roller brush has been designed to clean all floor types without swapping brush rollers between carpets and hard floors. The roller material has Nanoscale Hydrophobic fibres that resist water and stains, even when you are using the wet mop attachment.

At just 2.7kg, the RS60 can be used as a stick cleaner, handheld vacuum or with its flexible hose and selection of tools to clean every corner of the home. Plus, the 0.55 litre bin offers one-touch emptying. Accessories include the powered mini brush tool (mattress brush), crevice tool, dusting brush, extension tube, extension hose and pet brush, as well as the washable microfibre pad for wet cleaning, washable filters and a floorhead cleaning brush.

Power on the RS60 comes from ROIDMI’S largest capacity battery, delivering over an hour of cleaning on a single charge.

The new vacuum is available through Witt UK and Ireland.