The Sebo Felix range has been chosen for inclusion in the Which? Best Vacuum Cleaner Guide.

The guide explains in simple terms the pros and cons of the various cleaners it recommends, both bagged and bagless, upright and cylinder, and includes full reviews of the various models in the Sebo Felix range.

The Felix Navy, Felix Pet, Felix Vogue, Felix Rosso and Felix Royale are said to be light and easy to manoeuvre.

They have a flat-to-floor design and a cleaning head less than 70mm in height, which Sebo says makes it easier to clean under furniture. The L-shaped head reaches right up to skirting boards and slides under radiators, reducing cleaning time, as furniture does not need to be moved.

Each model comes equipped with a height-adjustable handle and integrated hose. The range has S-class filtration and sealable multilayer bags to ensure no dust escapes. Models in the Felix range start at £229.96.

SEBO: 01494 465533