Award-winning industrial designer Ross Lovegrove, who designed Kef’s £140,000 Muon loudspeakers, has collaborated with the manufacturer for the launch of a wireless Bluetooth speaker.

Under Mr Lovegrove’s design direction, Kef said the Muo wireless speaker inherits its sculptural aesthetic from the unique visual style of the Muon, making Muo (at £299.95) the only sub-£300 contemporary audio product to draw its design directly from a high-end luxury product costing six figures.

Muo also boasts advanced functionality. You can synchronise a pair of Muos, to stream stereo sound via Bluetooth aptX. Alternatively, when you want to place them far apart – at a party, for example – simply select the Dual Connect party mode to replicate the same full-range response in both speakers.

Kef: 01622 672261