AEG targets fashion throwaway culture with new campaign

AEG has launched its new Pre-Loved with Care campaign, encouraging people to buy at least one item of pre-loved clothing in place of something new this winter – and helping to change fashions throwaway culture.

As part of the campaign and to champion the sustainable movement, AEG has teamed up with slow fashion campaigner, Venetia La Manna, to curate an exclusive collection of timeless, pre-loved pieces from One Scoop Store. Not only are all items in the collection pre-owned, cutting out the use of the thousands of litres of water that’s required to make a brand-new garment, but they’ve also been washed with care in an AEG 9000 series washing machine before being shipped to their new home.

This comes following research commissioned by the company, which has revealed that £3.9 billion is set to be spent on new clothes this winter alone, with 20 per cent of the British public freely admitting that they just throw clothes in the bin to make space for new ones, contributing 350,000 tonnes of clothes to landfill, annually. However, in a positive sign, it appears that as a nation we’re gradually waking up to the sustainability crisis, as over a third of us say we buy more pre-owned clothes than a decade ago, indicating a real shift in consumer behaviour.

Through the campaign, AEG hopes to inspire people to live a greener lifestyle, by understanding the role washing machines can play in keeping clothes out of landfill. The AEG 9000 washing machine has built-in SoftWater Technology, which extends the life of clothing and helps reduce carbon, waste, and water footprints by 20-30 per cent each.

Keep an eye out for the November issue of ERT magazine as there’s an exclusive interview with Luke Harding, General Manager of Electrolux UK and Ireland, all about the company’s sustainability targets and this latest AEG consumer campaign.

Mr Harding commented: “By caring for the clothes that are already in your wardrobe, and purchasing pre-owned pieces, everyone can do their bit, thereby helping to reduce the amount of clothes that go to landfill.

“At AEG we understand the importance of good clothes care and how this can help our favourite fashion pieces last a little longer. By washing less and using the right programmes we can not only look after our clothes better but also ensure we’re using less energy and being as sustainable as possible.”