AEG supports the nation’s food banks

AEG is helping to tackle food poverty the UK in partnership with a new food bank support project, Food 4 Heroes, this autumn.

The AEG x Food 4 Heroes partnership will shake up the variety of food options on offer at food banks, and thanks to a suite of cooling appliances supplied by AEG, food banks will be able to store perishable products for the first time.

Food 4 Heroes, a community interest company, was set up in March with an ambition to bring healthy and nutritious meals to frontline NHS workers. It was working with chefs from pubs, restaurants and other catering facilities to create nutritious meals for those in need. To date, the initiative has delivered 230,000 meals across 43 hospitals throughout England.

Now, in partnership with the kitchen appliance brand, the charity is turning its attention to serving the nation’s food banks.

With job losses, businesses closing, numerous industries temporarily closing down and schools shutting during the Coronavirus pandemic, there’s been an unparalleled strain on Britain’s food banks. According to The Trussell Trust, a 61 per cent increase in food parcels is forecasted across the UK from October to December this year.

The average food parcel contains sufficient nutrition for adults and children, for at least three days of healthy, balanced meals. However, at present, due to a lack of refrigeration and freezers, the majority of food banks in the UK are limited to serving food parcels with non-perishable items such as pasta, rice and tinned food.

Starting with a pilot scheme in Northampton, AEG and Food 4 Heroes will be supporting three local food banks: KCU, Weston Favell and Daventry. Each site will have an integrated, frost-free AEG fridge freezer installed. Featuring the manufacturer’s Twin-Tech technology, the appliances are designed to preserve the taste and texture of food so that it stays fresher for longer.

Luke Harding, General Manager at Electrolux UK and Ireland, commented: “In 2019, Electrolux made a global commitment to support 300,000 people through initiatives which would educate and enable healthy eating. In working together with Food 4 Heroes, AEG will provide the vital technologies to support food banks to elevate their offering – storing perishable items and more food than ever before as these vital support systems find themselves under increasing pressure this winter.”

Following the initial pilot, AEG and Food 4 Heroes aim to expand the scheme to a further 50 sites within the next 12 months.

John Brownhill, Founder at Food 4 Heroes, said: “The coronavirus crisis put an unprecedented strain on Britain’s food banks. The UK saw an 89 per cent increase in demand through the pandemic, and that figure is set to increase in the coming months.

“We are delighted to be working with AEG to support the first three local food banks in Northampton this autumn.”