What is the future for electrical retailing?

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what is it?

A free, one-day conference to debate the industry’s biggest question: what is the future for electrical retailing?


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1. Introduction

2. The state of the market

3. How did we get here?

4. INTERVIEW: Robert Hughes

5. Do suppliers need the independent retail sector?

6. RETAIL CASE STUDIES: Adaptation and evolution

7. INTERVIEW: Andy Griffiths

8. Collaboration and what happens next?

why are we doing it?

The electrical retailing industry is at a turning point. Independent retailers are dwindling in numbers and need to adapt their businesses to survive. They must also work more closely with their suppliers to develop whole new approaches to this rapidly changing marketplace.

With the rise of the smart home, products are getting more complicated to install and use, which means we need specialist independent retailers more than ever, but the brutal truth is that independents are a dying breed and if we’re not careful, they could soon become extinct.

ERT believes that independent bricks and mortar retailers are vital for displaying, demonstrating and selling the latest products and technology, but the industry needs to act or it risks losing this vital resource forever.

As the leading magazine in the industry, we are perfectly positioned to highlight and debate the issues surrounding the future of electrical retailing.

The ERT Turning Point Summit will be the launch pad for an ongoing campaign to bring the industry together, to highlight best practice, to candidly debate the issues and, above all, forge a new role for the independent retailer in the customer journey.

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