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30 July 2010

Dyson loses design case


Dyson DC02 the real one

Floorcare giant Dyson said it was disappointed at a High Court ruling yesterday that Vax’s Mach Zen cylinder vacuum cleaner did not infringe a registered Dyson design.

Dyson has been advised to seek leave to appeal the decision.

In the meantime at Vax, managing director Simon Lawson said: “We are really pleased with today’s decision as it confirms what we’ve known all along – that the Vax Mach Zen (pictured below) is different to any other vacuum cleaner people can buy.”

He added: “This outcome means that the achievements of our young, talented British design team have been recognised.” Vax maintained its machine was designed at its headquarters in Droitwich, Worcestershire.

Dyson started the action against Vax in January claiming that the Vax machine infringed the registered design of the Dyson DC02 (top picture), the company’s first cylinder cleaner made in 1994.

“For Dyson, this case was about pure aesthetic design, not function, and the judgement is disappointing,” said the company.

“What is the point of UK registered design law if not to protect novel and striking designs such as the DC02 design? After all, there are plenty of other shapes that TTI [Vax’s parent company] could have chosen.”

Vax Mach Zen