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Toshiba to use laptops in next-gen format war
06 June 2007

Toshiba is to put disk drives for HD-DVDs on all its laptops as it strives to gain an edge in the next-generation DVD format battle, the Japanese group said yesterday, reports Reuters.

The company said that as Sony equips its PS3 games consoles with Blu-ray drives to attract people to its rival format, Toshiba should use a similar tactic.

Speaking at a press conference, Toshiba senior vice president, Hisatsugu Nonaka, said: “The demand is there - people want to watch their favourite movies in high-definition on the road."

Sales of Sony’s PlayStation 3 next-generation console in Japan have fallen below a key benchmark for the past three weeks, raising concern among analysts that the consumer electronics group may not hit its target of shipping 11m consoles this year, claims the Financial Times (June 6, 2007).

According to Media Create, a research firm, PS3 sales in Japan have fallen beneath the key 10,000-sales a week threshold for nearly a month.